W0801. [Americana]
Carver, Capt. Jonathan.
Three Years Travels Through The Interior Parts Of North America
Charlestown : Printed by Samuel Etheridge, for West and Greenleaf, 1802. xvi, 312 p. Leather.
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W0802. [Americana]
Evans, Elwood.
Washington Territory : Her past, her present, and the Elements of Wealth which ensure her future. Delivered at the Centennial Exposition, Philadelphia, Sept. 2, 1976 and in joint convention of the Legislature of Washington Territory, Oct. 13, 1877.
Olympia : C.B. Bagley, 1877. 51 p. In wraps. Rare - Exceptionally hard to find.
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W0803. [Americana]
Hough, Romeyn B.
The American Woods, exhibited by actual specimens and with copious explanatory text.
Lowville, NY: Published by the Author, 1893-1904. 10 vol. set. Collated, complete. Ten parts (volumes), numbered I-X, octavo volumes, of an eventual fourteen.
Numerous veneer samples. The 14 volume set sells for $45,000+. Here is your chance to own 10 volumes - complete. Exceptionally hard to find.
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W0804. [Americana]
Howe (Jr.), Elias (1819-1867).
Inventor and sewing machine pioneer. RARE 1860s CDV Photo & Document
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W0805. [Americana]
Knibloe, Walt E.
Schneur's illustrated guide and history of St. Augustine, Fla.
St. Augustine, Florida : Charles F. Schneur, 1885.
Exceptionally rare, this pamphlet is hard to find.
I could only locate 5 copies in libraries worldwide, and none are available for sale.
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W0806. [Americana]
Lahontan, Baron .
Nouveaux Voyages de Mr. le Baron de Lahontan; dans l'Amerique (New Voyages to North America ...).
Numerous illustrations and maps. A la Haye [The Hague]: Chez les Freres L Honoré, 1703. 3 volumes in 2. First edition. Howes L25, Sabin 38644 (In French).
First two volumes bound in one, and the second companion volume (which contains 2 folding maps) in another.
The first two volumes are completely original, and complete, with all plates and maps.
The 3rd volume is complete (with 2 folding maps) but is a facsimile. Rare.
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W0807. [Americana]
Low, Nathanael.
An astronomical diary : or Almanack for the year of Christian Era 1791.
Boston : Printed and sold by T. & J. Fleet, 1791. Complete in 24 pages. Pamphlet, in wraps.
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W0808. [Americana]
Low, Nathanael.
An astronomical diary : or Almanack for the year of Christian Era 1790.
Boston : Printed and sold by T. & J. Fleet, 1790. Complete in 24 pages. Pamphlet, in wraps.
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W0809. [Americana]
Morse, Jedidiah.
A Sermon, Delivered Before the Ancient & Honourable Artillery Company
in Boston, June 6, 1803, Being the Anniversary of their Election of Officers
. Charlestown : Etheridge, 1803. 32 p. Quite rare. In wraps.
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W0810. [Americana]
Phelan Bros.' St. Lawrence traveller : a complete hand book and guide to northern summer resorts : containing complete and interesting descriptions of Niagara Falls, Niagara River, Toronto, Kingston, Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence River, Ottawa River, Saguenay River, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec and the White Mountains.
By Phelan Bros. Montreal: Lovell Printing and Publishing, 1879. 152 p. + large foldout map. Many very nice advertisements with graphic illustrations. Rare.
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W0811. [Americana]
Salemankis, Abbe.
Letters of Abbe Salemankis to a Friend in Ireland.
Published For J. W. & G. Onsell, Liberty Hall, Philadelphia, 1810. [6], 156 p. 1st / First and only edition.
Exceptionally RARE. The only mention of this book I could find is the one Thomas Jefferson owned, which is now in the Library of Congress.
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W0812. [Americana]
Seward, William, et al.
1861 Civil War Passport Signed William H Seward and others.
This document allowed Mr. Edwin L. Janes to safely and freely pass (passport), from the Secretary of State under Lincoln, William H. Seward.
Full description of Mr. Janes ( or possible James ) is given. Signed and dated May 13, 1861. Also signed and sealed by various officials from where he travelled, which I cannot make out - perhaps some important signatures. I have not done the research on Edwin Janes. Rare.
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W0813. [Americana - Advertising]
Sweet Home Album.
LOADED with Chromolithograph Prints of Famous Americans (including a young Thomas Edison). Advertising for Sweet Home Family Soap, Larkin Company, Buffalo, NY, 1889. Scarce.
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W0814. [Americana - Children's]
Choice tales; consisting of an elegant collection of delightful little pieces for the
instruction & amusement of young persons
Philadelphia : printed by Joseph Charless, for Mathew Carey, 1800.
170 pages. Complete. Small, miniature book. Very Rare.
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W0815. [Americana - Illustrated]
Ralph, Julian.
Wild Flowers of the Rockies. Includes 2 original etchings, poems, and 12 actual pressed wildflower examples.
Heavy wraps, silk tied. 1888. Rare.
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W0816. [Americana]
Webber, Charles W.
Adventures in the Camanche Country in Search of a Gold Mine.
Glascow: R. Griffin, 1848. 299p. [p. 299 erroneously paged 296].
Complete. First English Edition. Rare.
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W0817. [Americana imprint]
Elements of General History. Translated from the French of the Abbe Millot. Ancient History, in Two volumes.
Second American edition. Salem: printed and sold by Thomas C. Cushing, 1796. Full leather binding.
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W0818. [Americana imprint]
The life of Baron Frederic Trenck.
Translated from the German by Thomas Holcroft.
New York : William Durell, 1796. 187 p. Full leather binding.
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W0819. [Americana - Literature]
Cooper, James Fenimore.
Old Ironsides.
True first edition. Complete in two volumes of Putnam's Monthly : A Magazine of Literature, Science, and Art. May & June, 1853 (Volume 1, nos 5-6 ). New York: G.P. Putnam & Company. Posthumously published in this set for the first time. Rare.
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W0820. [Americana - Mormons]
Beadle, J.H.
Brigham's Destroying Angel: Being the Life, Confession and Startling Disclosures
of the Notorious Bill Hickman,the Danite Chief of Utah
1872. 1st edition. Geo. A. Crofutt, New York, 1872. 219 p. + ads.
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W0821. [Americana - Mormons]
Lyford, C.P.
The Mormon problem : An appeal to the American people.
New York: Phillips & Hunt, 1886. 323 p. 1st ed. Interesting Mountain Meadow Massacre content.
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W0822. [Americana - Mormons]
Thomas, Arthur.
In the Days of Brigham Young.
Broadway Publishing Co, New York, 1914. 109 p. 1st ed.
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W0823. [Americana - Native Americans]
4 Original Identified Photos of Blackfoot / Blackfeet Indians 1880s.
Chief Wades in the Water and others. Rare, unique.
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W0824. [Americana - Native Americans]
Drake, Samuel G.
Book of the Indians of North America: Comprising Details in the Lives of
About Five Hundred Chiefs and Others, the Most Distinguished Among them. Also, a history of their wars; their manners and custom ; speeches of orators & c., from their first being known to Europeans to the present tim
e. Exhibiting also an analysis of the most distinguished authors who have written upon the great question of the first peopling of America.
Boston: Josiah Drake, 1833. 5 books in 1, various pagings. Complete. Illustrated with engraved prints. 1st edition. Large 8vo. Full leather binding.
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W0825. [Americana - Native Americans]
Marmontel, M.
Les Incas, ou La Destruction de L'Empire du Pérou.
A PARIS: Chez Lacombe, Libraire, rue de Tournon, près le Luxembourg. Avec Approbation, et Privilege du Roi. 1777. Peru / South America. 2 v. Complete.
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W0826. [Americana - Native Americans]
Mollhausen, H.B.
Native American color stone lithograph print. Entitled "Indian Altar and Ruins of old Zuni." 1856.
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W0827. [Americana - Native Americans]
Relations Des Jesuites [Jesuit relations].
Considered the most important early history of Native Americans in Canada and Upper New York State ( Iroquois, etc.)
Quebec: Augustin Cote, 1858. . 3 vol. set. Complete. First edition. Nice woodcut illustration prints on t.p. of each issue, large fold-out map of the territories.
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W0828. [Americana - Native Americans]
Seaver, James E.
A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison, Who was taken by the Indians, in the year 1755.
Canandaigua [N.Y.] : Printed by J.D. Bemis and Co, 1824. 189 p. complete. 16mo. First edition. Very rare.
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W0829. [Americana - New York State]
The Earliest and FIRST Report on the Erie Canal! First edition, 1811.
Report of the Commissioners Appointed by Joint Resolutions of the Honorable the Senate and Assembly of the State of New York, of the 13th &15th March, 1810, to Explore the Route of an Inland Navigation from Hudson's River to Lake Ontario and Lake Erie
Albany : Printed by S. Southwick, 1811. 35 p. Signed at end by Governeur Morris, Stephen Van Rensselaer, William North, De Witt Clinton, Thomas Eddy, Peter B. Porter, Simeon DeWitt. Rare.
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W0830. [Americana - New York State]
New York State Assembly. 1867 Civil War Soldiers & Politicians.
162 CDV Type Photos - mostly SIGNED.
Album belonged to one of the members from Yates County. See description.
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W0831. [Americana - Photography]
Eastman, George.
Chronicles of an African Trip. [by George Eastman].
Privately printed for the author, 1927. First and only edition. 87 p. + numerous photo plates throughout and at end. Quality printing. Boldy signed and inscribed "With high regards to Hrariet Nath from Geo Eastman." Complete. Autograph.
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W0832. [Americana - Political]
Ford, Gerald R. (President).
A Time To Heal: The Autobiography of Gerald R. Ford.
1979. Limited, First Edition - Signed.
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W0833. [Americana - Religion]
Carey, Mathew.
The Beauties of the late Reverend Dr. Isaac Watts. . .
Newburyport : Edmund M. Blunt, for Mathew Carey, 1797. 239 p. 8vo. Full leather binding.
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W0834. [Americana - Religion]
1796 Germantown, PA imprint by Billmeyer.
Der Psalter des konigs und Propheten Davids, verdeutsche von D. Martin Luther. . .
252 p. Interesting genealogy mansucript writing on free endpages. Full leather binding with working leather clasps.
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W0835. [Americana - Religion]
1790-95 Germantown, PA 3 imprints bound in 1, by Billmeyer.

1. Erbauliche Lieder-Sammlung Zum Gottesdienstlichen Gebrauch in
Den Vereinigten Evangelisch-Lutherischen Gemeinen in Pennsylvanien Und Den Benachbarten Staaten
. Gesammlet, Eingerichtet Und Zum Druck Befordert
Durch Das Hiesige Deutsche Evangelisch-Lutherische Ministerium. Germantown : Michael Billmeyer, 1795. 602 p. + register.

2. Kurze Undachfen einer Gottsuchenden Seele, auf alle Lage der Boche und andere Umstande ein gerichtet. Germantown : Michael Billmeyer, 1795. 28 p.

3. Anhang zu dem Gesangbuch der Bereinigten Evangelisch-Lutherischen Gemeinen in Nord-Amerika, enthaltend den kleinen Catechismus Lutheri, Evangelia und Episteln, auf alle Sonntage, wie auch auf die hohen Feste burchs ganze Jahr, mit Kirchengebeten. Germantown : Michael Billmeyer, 1790. 80 p. Leather Clasps

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W0836. [Americana - Religion]
1819 Germantown, PA imprint by Billmeyer.
Das Neue Testament unsers Herrn und Heilandes Jesu Christi, nach der deutschen Uebersetzung D. Martin Luthers. . .
537 p. + register. Interesting genealogy mansucript writing on free endpages. Full leather binding with working leather clasps.
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W0837. [Americana - Religion]
Edwards, Jonathan.
A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections.
Elizabeth-Town ( Elizabethtown ), Printed by Shepard Kollock, for Robert Hodge, 1787. 499 p. + table. Full leather / calf. Rare early American imprint.
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W0838. [Americana - Religion]
Spalding, Josiah.
Universalism confounds and destroys itself; Or Letters to a friend; in four parts.
Northampton, Mass: Andrew Wright, 1805. First edition. 359 pages. Very scarce, controversial book. Tree calf leather.
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W0839. [Americana - Religion]
Stone, William L.
Matthias and his Impostures: or, The Progress of Fanaticism. Illustrated in the Extraordinary Case of Robert Matthews and some of his Forerunners and Disciples.
New York: Harper & Brothers, 1835. 347 p., + ads. Complete. Stated third edition. Rare and fascinating.
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W0840. [Americana - Religion]
Weems, Mason L. [author who fabricated story of Washington chopping down cherry tree]
God's Revenge Against Adultery, Awfully Exemplified in the Following cases of American Crim.
Philadelphia: Joseph Allen : Sold by John Grigg, 1828. 71 p., [1] frontispiece leaf - [shows man getting brains blown out by gun - with caption "Take That!"]. Rare and unusual.
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W0841. [Americana - Slavery]
The American Freedman (Slavery - Reconstruction). Volume 1, No.1, 1866
First issue, first edition. RARE.
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W0842. [Americana - Slavery]
Doy, John. (abolitionist, friend of John Brown).
Bleeding Kansas.
Lawrence, Kansas Territory related. Very Rare Autograph Quotation, Signed, 1860.
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W0843. [Americana - Slavery]
Hosmer, William.
The Higher Law: In Its Relations to Civil Government with Particular Reference to Slavery and the Fugitive Slave Law. By William Hosmer.
Auburn: Derby & Miller, 1852. First and only edition. ix, 204 p. Complete. Rare.
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W0844. [Americana - Slavery]
Jones. Thomas H.
The Experience of Thomas H. Jones, Who was a Slave for Forty-Three Years.
New Bedford: E. Anthony & Sons, 1871. 46 pages. Illustrateed. Rare black / African American slave narrative.
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W0845. [Americana - Slavery]
Watson, Henry.
Narrative of Henry Watson, A Fugitive Slave, Written by Himself.
Boston: Published by Bela Marsh, 1848. 48 pages. First edition. Illsutrated with original woodblock / wood engraved prints. One shows slave auction of the author. Rare.
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W0846. [Americana - Women authors]
Bacon, Delia Salter.
Tales of the Puritans : The regicides, the fair Pilgrim, Castine.
New Haven [ CT ]: A.H. Maltby, 1831. 300 p. First and only edition. Exceptionally Rare.
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W0847. [Americana - Women authors]
Ellet, Elizabeth Fries.
Scenes in the life of Joanna of Sicily.
Boston: Marsh, Capen, Lyon and Webb, 1840. 256 p. Original publisher's cloth binding. Exceptionally Rare.
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W0848. [Architecture]
Carter, John, et al.
Some account of the abbey church of St. Alban. : Ilustrative of the plans, elevations and sections of that building.
London: Printed by Nichols, Son, and Bentley ..., 1813. Elephant Folio. First edition. Rare.
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W0849. [Architecture]
Drake, Francis .
An accurate description and history of the cathedral and metropolitical church of St. Peter, York, from its first foundation to the present year. Illustrated with copper-plates, consisting of different views, plans, &c. and translations of all the Latin epitaphs. To which are added, catalogues of the archbishops, deans, sub-deans, chancellors, treasurers, precentors, and succentors.
York: Printed by A. Ward, for T. Wilson [etc], 1768. [4 p.], 135, [1 p.] ; plans, plates. 7 inches tall. Complete text.
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W0850. [Architecture]
Hittorff, Jacques Ignace. Famous French Architect.
Autograph letter, signed (ALS) & CDV Photo, 1863.
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W0851. [Architecture - Catalog]
Palliser's new cottage homes and details.
New York : Palliser, Palliser & Company, 1887. includes 65 numbered plates, each with accompanying page of text, 13 unnumbered plates, and 21 page advertising section containing one colored plate. First edition. Catalog includes all kinds of related items, including locks - locksmith, hardware, glass, plumbing, fixtures, etc. There is even a niceColor Advertisement for John Lucas Paint / Color varnish. Rare.
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W0852. [Art - American]
Etchings of Notable Academy Pictures.
1885 [by] G.W.H. Ritchie. New York, 1885. Limited. 1 of 7 copies. Signed and inscribed by the author / artist in ink on t.p. 9 plates, 13 p. of text. Artists included: William Hart, George Inness, C.F. Ulrich, Jan Chelminski, Harry Chase, F.D. Millet, G.H. McCord, Rhoda H. Nichols, G.W. Maynard. Very Rare.
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W0853. [Art - American]
Garrett, Edmund Henry.
SUPERB Original Watercolor Painting by Famous American artist, Signed.
ca. 1890s Entitled Peacock Inn, Rowsley [Derbyshire, England, United Kingdom].
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W0854. [Art- American]
Lozowick, Louis (1892-1973 ).
Abandoned Quarry.
Very nice original lithograph print by this well-listed American / Russian artist. Signed, Limited edition - 8/20. 1936. Rare.
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W0855. [Art - American]
Moran, Thomas.
An Apple Orchard, Easthampton, L.I. 1883.
Considered this listed artist's greatest work. Superb, Original etching. Crisp imprression, warm brown ink, with rich plate tone. 12 x 17 3/4 inches. Rare.
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W0856. [Art - American]
Seyffert, Leopold (1887-1956), listed artist.
1930s Letter Archive. 217 pieces, 1930s.
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W0857. [Art - American]
Tworkov, Jack. Orig Abstract Oil Painting, signed. 1950s. Framed.
With matting and 32 1/2 x 27 inches; actual work measures approx. 17 x 22 inches.
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W0858. [Art - French]
Bouguereau, William-Adolphe (1825 – 1905), French artist.
Autograph Letter Signed (ALS), 1pg, dated 1889. Regarding one of his paintings. Rare.
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W0859. [Art - Landscape]
SUPERB Gouache Landscape ca 1750 Frankfurt, on the Oder River, Germany [1 of a series of 5 I have listed]
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W0860. [Art Print]
Shart, Serge (1927- ).
Original lithograph Print by this listed artist.
Entitled: Village Sous la Neige.
Signed, Limited edition, on Watermarked Paper. ca. 1960. Rare.
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W0861. [Art Print - etching]
Legros, Alphonse (1837-1911).
Original etching by this famous artist.
Entitled The Wayfarer. Dated 1881.
The overall sheet measures 10 x 13 1/2 inches; the actual plate impression measures 5 7/8 x 10 3/4 inches. Crisp impression. Rare.
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W0862. [Art Print - etching]
Whistler, James McNeill (1834 - 1903).
Original etching by this famous artist.
Entitled: Billingsgate.
Dated 1859 in the plate. Published (I believe for ths first time) from the original plates, in The Portfolio, 1878, which this print is from. The overall sheet measures 10 x 14 inches; the actual plate impression measures 6 x 9 inches. Crisp, fresh impression. Rare.
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W0863. [Automotive]
Astor Cup Auto Race. Sheepshead Bay Speedway, Brooklyn, New York.
7 Original photos, and orig magazine clipping. October 9, 1915. Rare, early, original photograph archive.
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W0864. [Automotive - Catalog]
Chandler Motor Cars of Cleveland, Ohio. 1919 Manufacturer's catalog. Rare.
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W0865. [Automotive - Catalog]
Iroquois Automobile Top Company, successors to L.L. Laman Auto Top Co., Utica, New York. 1909. Rare.
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W0866. [Beekeeping]
Becker, Hans.
Der Bienenvater zum Nutzen und Vergnügen.
Frankfurt am Main : Korner, 1817. 80 p. Small 8vo. Nice woodblock prints. Very RARE. I could not find this book for sale anywhere - and only a few copies in libraries.
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W0867. [Billiards]
Cook, William.
London: Burroughes & Watts, [n.d.] - [1891]. xxxii, 292 p. + 75 p. catalog & prices, with advertisements at end. Ex-champion.All original, HEAVILY illustrated with photographs and chromolithograph (color lithograph) prints throughout. Rare.
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W0867A. [Binding]
Exquisite Binding - Morocco, with Gilt, Satin / Moire Endpages. 1 of 12 copies Printed on Blue paper.
Shepherd, John.
A critical and practical elucidation of the Book of Common Prayer.
2 vol. Paper watermarked Cobb. RARE! Only known copy.
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W0868. [Binding]
Belsham, W.
Memoirs of the Kings of Great Britian of the House of Brunswic-Lunenburg.
London: Printed for C. Dilly, in the Poultry, 1793. 2 volumes. Complete. King George I and II. Fine Binding.
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W0869. [Binding]
Painted by John Fulleylove; Described by Edward Thomas. London: A.C. Black. 1903. First edition. 265 p. 3/4 Morroco binding.
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W0870. [Binding / Americana]
Handbook of Indian Mound Cemetery : containing an account of the original of the association.
Auburn, NY : William Mosses, 1866. Small 8vo. 43 p. Original blind-stamped publisher's binding, with gold embossed cover. Crisp, near FINE condition. Rare.
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W0871. [Broadside]
RARE, HUGE Anti-Railroad, Grange Broadside, 1874.
Seneca Falls NY. Exceptionally rare, most likely the only known example.
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W0872. [Catalog - Guns]
Folsom Arms Company, New York, N.Y. ca 1918.
Large format catalog, 24 pages. Many model guns produced by this company. Manufacturer's catalog. Double, single barrel, Knickerbocker, Midget Field model, New Victor, Baker guns, Batavia Leader, Black Beauty Special, Paragon, expert, de luxe, etc. Also, hunting clothing, belts, polic and other holsters, Fly Fishing rods, etc. Rare.
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W0873. [Children's]
Greenaway, Kate.
Kate Greenaway's Birthday Book for Children.
No date, but ca. turn-of-the-century. No publisher given, but probably George Routledge & Sons.16 mo. Approx. 4" x 4". 382 illustrations, 12 full-page colored plates, c. 1890.
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W0874. [Children's]
Monget, M.
Les hochets moraux, ou contes pour la premire enfance.
A Hambourg [ Hamburg ] : Chez J.G. Virchaux, 1784. 59 pages. Complete. 170 pages.
Small book - measures 5 14 inches (13.5 cm) tall. Almost a miniature. Full leather binding.
Exceptionally RARE - >> ONLY Known COPY !! <<<
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W0875. [Children's]
Worden, Lucille Burch.
Tales of a Dog and a Pussy and a Pussy Willow.
1924. First Edition, Private Printing - EXCEPTIONALLY RARE. Only Known Copy!
Printed by the Press of Citizen Publishing Company, Ilion, NY. 40 leaves (80 pages - printed on one side only). Illustrated with original photographs taken and hand tinted by the author.
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  W0876. [Embalming]
Dodge, A.Johnson.
The Embalmer's Guide.
Pamphlet. Boston. 28 p. + Funeral Etiquette, + advertisements. Interesting content. Rare.

W0877. [Fox hunting]
Smith, Harry Worcester.
A Sporting Tour Through Ireland, England, Wales and France in the Years 1912-1913. Columbia, SC: The State Company, 1925. 2 Volumes, complete.
8 vo. pp. xvi, 214; x, 215-437. with half-titles. 2 engraved titles, 2 photogravure frontis. & 75 plates (2 mounted). First Edition - Limited, Signed & Inscribed. Rare.
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W0878. [Geography]
Bigland, John.
A Geographical And Historical View Of The World.
Boston: Printed by Thomas B. Wait & Co., 1811. 5 volumes, complete. Original full tree calf / leather binding.
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W0879. [Geography - Atlas]
Columbian Atlas of the World.
Folio [37 x 31 cm or 14.5 x 12 inches]; 159 pp, 156 pages of colored maps, charts, including many double page. 1898. Rare.
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W0880. [Geography - Map]
Janssonius, Johannes (Jan).
Original Map of North Rhine-Westphalia Region.
Paderborn, Germany, ca. 1633. Original Handcolour.
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W0881. [Geography]
Johnson, R.
The new gazetteer, or, Geographical companion: containing a general and concise account, alphabetically arranged, of the empires, kingdoms, states, provinces, cities, towns, seas, harbours, bays, rivers, lakes and mountains in the known world, and more particularly in Great-Britain, Ireland and America.
Dublin : Printed for W. Whitestone [et. al.], [1776].
No date, but research has shown ca 1776. iv, [308] p. Original, contemporary leather boards. Rare.
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W0882. [History - Africa]
Wilson, J. Leighton.
Western Africa; Its History, Condition, And Prospects.
New York: Harper & Brothers, 1856. 527 pages. First edition. Complete. Fine binding.
Many nice engraved prints.
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W0883. [History]
Gibbon, Edward.
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
First American edition. Philadelphia: Published by William Y. Birch & Abraham Small; printed by Robert Carr, 1804. The first five volumes dated 1804, the remaining volumes dated 1805. 1st edition, published over 2 years. Complete 8 volumes. Includes Frontispiece portrait and three folding maps. Original full tree calf / leather binding.
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W0884. [History]
Isaacson, Henry.
Saturni Ephemerides : A Chronological Series or Succession of the foure Monarchyes, . . . A Succession of the Kings and Rulers over most Kingdoms and Estates of the World. . . A Compend of the History of the Church of God from the Creation ...
London: Printed by B[ernard] A[lsop] & T[homas] F[awcet] for Henry Seile and Humphrey Robinson ... 1633. First Edition. Large Folio. Rare.
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W0885. [History - French]
Valois, Monsieur de.
Valesiana ou Les pensées critiques, historiques et morales, et les poésies latines.
Paris: chez Florentin et Pierre Delaulne, 1694. 2 v. in 1. First edition.
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W0886. [History - Greek]
Comstock, John L.
History of the Greek Revolution.
New York: John M. Clark, 1829. 503 p. with 2 fold-out copper engraved print plates (showing Fall of Missolonghi, and Naval Battle of Navarino).

W0887. [Horses]
Bracken, Henry.
Farriery Improv'd: or, a Compleat Treatise Upon the Art of Farriery.
Murdon. London: Printed for J. Clark ... 1742. x, 363 p. + index.
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W0888. [Illustrated]
Butler, Samuel.
Illustrated with Fine Copper Engraved Prints by William Hogarth. With Folk art added as well! London : printed for D. Browne [etc.], 1761. xi, 401, [17 p - index]. Complete.
Many wonderful copper engraved print plates by Hogarth. Nice and crisp, they almost look like etchings. One print shows a public hanging!
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W0889. [Illustrated - Folio Copper Plates]
L'Art du Tourneur Mecanicien [Lathe turning].
Par M. Hulot Pere, Maitre Tourneur & Mecanicien brevete du Roi.
Paris: fauxbourg S. Jacques, vis-a-vis la Paroisse, chez M. Roubo, 1775.
2 parts - first part text, second part plates. viii, 390 p., 44 leaves of plates. Complete. Very large Folio. At end of 1st part: De L'Imprimerie de L.F. Delatour, 1775. Engravings all signed Laurent [Jean-Pierre-Louis-Laurent Hoüel (1735-1813)]. Rare.
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W0890. [Illustrated]
Venning, Mary Anne.
A Geographical Present; being Descriptions of the Principal Countries of the World, With Representations of the various Inhabitants in their respective Costumes.
New York: William Burgess, 1829. 200 p. First American edition. Rare. Quarter morocco leather binding, marbled boards. Nice handcolored print plates (12) - complete. Woman author.
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W0891. [Law]
Paul, John.
The Parish Officer's Complete Guide.
London: Printed for W.J. and J. Richardson; Laskington, Allen and Co. ; H.D. Symonds ; Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme ; and T. Ostell, 1806. vii, 219 p. Rare.
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W0892. [Literature - American]
Holmes, Oliver Wendell.
Autograph Letter Signed (ALS) & Book.
Letter is dated May 4, 1875, and addressed to George Stewart. The previous owners name (Stewart) also appears signed on the title page, matching the letter with the owner of the book. The book is The Guardian Angel, dated 1883.
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W0893. [Literature - English]
A Collection of the Occasional Papers for the Year 1718.
12 Issues complete, bound in 1 volume.
London printed for Em. Matthews; J. Roberts; J. Harrison; and A. Dodd, 1719.
Complete, First edition. Attributed to Simon Browne, Benjamin Avery, Benjamin Grosvenor, Samuel Wright, John Evans, Jabez Earle, Nathaniel Lardner and Moses Lowman; the collection is known as the Bagweell papers from the initials of the authors.
Includes works by Cotton Mather and others. Each part has a separate titlepage, pagination and register.
In 12 parts with a collective titlepage and preface and contents list. Includes advertisement at end for other books printed. The imprints vary: some have J. Knapton; Em. Matthews; J. Roberts; J. Harrison; and A. Dodd. Exceptionally RARE.
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W0894. [Literature - Greek]
Orations of Demosthenes, Translated by the Rev. Mr. Francis.
London: Printed for A. Millar, in the Strand, 1757 (vol. 1), 1758 (vol. 2). SUPER nice LARGE map as frontis! Large quarto / almost folio.Orig. leather, gilt. RARE.
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W0895. [Literature - Greek / Printing]
Pindari Carmina cvm lectionis varietate cvravit Christian Gottlob Heyne.
Gottingae : Apud Iohannem Christianvm Dieterich, 1773. xvi, 379 p. ; 23 cm. Complete. On the edge of the t.p. and another page are printing directions, in German, which were probably meant to be cut off after binding, but never were. Tree calf. Unusual and quite rare.
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W0896. [Literature]
Webster [alias Puttenham, George].
The Arte of English Poesie.
1 of 200 copies printed from the rare original edition of 1589. London: Printed by Harding and Wright, St. John's Square, for Robert Triphook, 1811. xxxviii + [x] + 258pp. + index. Complete. Fine leather binding.
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W0897. [Medical]
Thomas, A.R., et al.
The Diseases of the Pancreas and their Homeopathic Treatment.
Chicago: Duncan Brothers, 1882. 1st and only edition. 70 pages. + Advertisements at end. Complete. Significant book by this American Civil War surgeon. Exceptionally Rare.
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W0898. [Military - Civil war]
Fisher, George Adams.
Yankee Conscript, Or Eighteen Months in Dixie.
Philadelphia: J.W. Daughaday, publisher, 1864. 251 pages + 2 pages ads at rear. Complete. 1st edition.
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W0899. [Military - Civil War]
Barnard, J.G. & W.F. Barry.
Report of the Engineer and Artillery Operations of the Army of the Potomac, from its organization to the close of the Peninsular Campaign. Illustrated by Eighteen Maps, plans, etc.
New York: D. Van Nostrand, ... 1864.
230 pages, + 18 maps / color lithograph print plates, including ONE OF THE EARLIEST Chromolithograph prints I have seen. 1st and only edition. Many advertisements at end for other military combat books.
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W08100. [Military - Civil War]
Brady, Mathew.
RARE Original CDV Photograph Armed Zouave Soldiers in the Field, 1860s. Michigan Regiment.
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W08101. [Military - Civil war]
Howe, Henry.
The Times of The Rebellion In The West:
A collection of miscellanies, showing the part taken in the War by each Western state.
Cincinnati : Howe's subscription book concern, 1867. 252 pages. Complete. 1st edition.
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W08102. [Military - Civil war]
Jefferds, Robert B. Captain, Co. G, 3rd Regiment, Michigan Infantry.
1861, Autographed Signed Letter, (ALS),
3 large pages. Battle of Bull Run content.
"Our great defeat at Bulls Run ... I was in from Thursday noon until Sunday night; and I assure you that it is no very great sport although it was lively work. I cam off unscathed, but many a brave man bit the dust on the last day."
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W08103. [Military - Civil War]
Lossing, Benson J.
Pictorial History of the Civil War in the United States of America.
Philadelphia: George W. Childs, 1866-1868. 1st ed. 3 volumes - Complete. With many engraved prints.
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W08104. [Military - Civil War]
Reports (2) of the Committee on the Conduct of the War, Fort Pillow Massacre, Returned Prisoners, 1864. First editions.
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W08105. [Military - WWI]
Exceptionally RARE First World War Archive. 1914. 189 Photos + Diaries, papers, medal, etc. ORIGINAL Photos show Archduke Franz Ferdinand & Wife and aftermath of their assassination that started WWI, and more. Important Archive fresh from the soldier's estate!
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W08106. [Music]
Beethoven, Ludwig van.
Antique - Original Ivory Pass / Token / Ticket to the FIRST Complete String Quartet Cycle Performanceof Ludwig van Beethoven, London, 1845. VERY Rare - few exist!
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W08107. [Natural history - Birds]
Natural History of Birds, Fish, Insects, and Reptiles.
London: Printed for the Proprietor, and sold by H.D. Symonds, Paternoster Row, 1798.
The last volume being a supplement volume, issued several years later, in 1808,
containing a description of rare and curious birds, discovered since the death of Buffon.
6v set. Rare.
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W08108. [Natural history- Monkeys]
Jardine, William.
The Natural History of Monkeys.
Illustrated by Thirty-one Plates [hand colored], numerous woodcuts, and a portrait and memoir of Buffon. Edinburgh: Lizars, and Stirling and Kenney, 1833. 230 p. Complete. Plates engraved (and most are signed at bottom) by the famous engraver / artist William Home Lizars (1788-1859).
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W08109. [Philosophy]
Bacon, Francis.
The Essays, or Councils, Civil and Moral. . .
London printed by E. Holt for Sam Smith, and Benj. Walford ... 1701. 8vo, 3 parts in 1, as issued.
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W08110. [Photograph]
Oatman, Olive (1837-1903).
CDV Photo of this Mormon woman, with tattooed chin.
Captured by Yavapai Indians at Age 13. Tattoo on her chin Marked her as an Indian Slave. ca 1860s. Very Rare.
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W08111. [Photographs]
SUPER Original Occupational Photo Archive. 970+ Original 8 x 10 Photos! Steam concrete paving machines, street construction - Road paving. A RARE documentation of the building of the first highways across America. ca 1910 - 1930s (Mostly 1910s & 1920s). Direct from the files of the Foote Company, where these machines were manufactured.
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W08112. [Photography]
Grant, Ulysses.
Rare Vintage Albumen / Cabinet Photograph.
Last Photograph of General / President Ulysses S. Grant. 1885
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W08113. [Photography]
Large 3/4 of While Plate Ambrotype Photo of Heroine Evangeline, 1850s.
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W08114. [Photography]
"Uncle Bones" Minstrels; RARE Original Large Albumen Photograph.
Black-Face African American Misntrel Show, ca 1870s. Rare.
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W08115. [Photography]
Unusual & RARE.
4 Daguerreotype Photos of Man Wife, Same Sitting 1840s.
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W08116. [Photography - Advertising]
Rome, New York, Broom Company.
Photographer imprint at bottom right corner: Brainerd Photo Co, Rome, N.Y. With back-matte, photo measures 13 3/4 x 10 3/4 inches. Rare.
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W08117. [Postcard]
RARE Original Postcard.
Macerated Money from United States Treasury.
Superb Condition - Unused! ca. 1906 Rare.
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W08118. [Print]
HUGE Folio.
Original Copper Engraved Print - Egyptian Relief Sculpture, 1820.
From the famous work: Description de l'Egypte (Napoleon's first expedition to Egypt). Elephant Folio.
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W08118A. [Print]
Large Folio Lithograph Print - San Francisco, California, 1854.
Published by Henry Bill.
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W08119. [Printing - Advertising]
L.C. Childs, Lithographer, Utica, N.Y.
Nice Original Color Advertising Letterhead.
Great Illustration Graphic, Metallic finish. 1897. Rare.
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W08120. [Printing - Advertising]
Mosler Safe Company, Hamilton, Ohio.
Original Advertising Letterhead.
Nice Graphic Engraved Illustration. ca 1900. Rare.
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W08121. [Printing - Religion]
Lutheran Bible Leaf Bifolium - 2nd Book of Samuel.
Frankfurt am Main, 1567. Large Folio, Woodcut initials. Rare.
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W08122. [Religion]
Burnet, Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum.
A Discourse of the Pastoral Care.
Dublin: Printed for William Halhead, 1777. [12], 202 p. Full leather, embossed.
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W08123. [Religion]
Frey, Joseph Samuel C.F.
The converted Jew, or, Memoirs of the life of Joseph Samuel C.F. Frey, who was born a Jew but is now a minister of the gospel in London. . .
Boston : Samuel T. Armstrong, 1815. 165 p. + list of subscribers and ads. Original full calf leather binding. Rare.
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W08124. [Religion]
Paulus, Dr.
Magicon: Wonderful Prophecies Concerning Popery and Its Impending Overthrow and Fall, Together with Predictions relative to America, the End of the World, and the Formation of the New Earth; also containing the true beginning and future of the New Church, called the New Jerusalem. With Twenty-Four Magic Figures.
New York: 1869. 152 pages. Anti-pope / anti-catholic? Spiritualism. First edition. Rare.
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W08125. [Religion]
Smith, James.
The errors of the Church of Rome detected: in ten dialogues, between Benevolus and Sincerus: to which another is added, containing a brief Vindication of the Revolution, and subsequent Settlement of the Crown upon the illustrious House of Hanover.
London: Printed for J. Johnson, 1778. xx, 411 p. ; 21 cm. Complete. Very Rare.
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W08126. [Religion]
Jortin, John.
Remarks on Ecclesiastical History.
London: Printed for C. Davism [et. al.], 1751. lv, [1], 388pages. First edition. Complete. Rare.
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W08127. [Religion]
1692-93 Tooled Binding
Collection of 27 English Sermon Pamphlets. Rare.
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W08128. [Science]
Snyder, Silas Allen.
The Snyderian Theory on the Variations of the Magnetic Needle. . .
Lockport, NY. Printed by M.C. Richardson, Lockport, 1872. 79 pages. 1st / first and only edition. Illustrated with print plate diagrams, a few charts, and index. Exceptionally Rare >> Only 2 known copies!
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W08129. [Sports]
Price, Edmund E.
The Science of Self Defence. A Treatise on Sparring and Wrestling, Including Complete Instructions in Training and Physical Development. Also, Several Remarks Upon, and a Course Prescribed for the Reduction of Corpulency.
New York: Dick & Fitzgerald. The only date the appears if the 1867 copyright date. 130 pages + advertisements at end. Illustrated. Rare.
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W08130. [Sports - Baseball]
HUGE 1903 Original Baseball Team Albumen photo, Corfu / Pembroke NY Dragons.
Measures 20 x 14 1/2 inches. Unique and rare. (Came with other one listed)
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W08131. [Sports - Baseball]
HUGE 1902 Original Baseball Team Photo, Allen NY Photo.
Measures 20 x 14 1/2 inches. Unique and rare. (Came with other one listed)
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W08132. [Sports - Boxing]
Original Real Photograph Postcard Archive.
Collection LOT of 13, All Identified. Trainer's / Promoter's Collection of his Boxers. Signed, with messages on back, etc. Ca. 1920. Rare RPPC.
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W08133. [Suffrage]
Fish, Sarah D.
Autograph Signed Letter (ASL) by this suffragette, abolitionist, & spiritualist.
With book owned by her:
Isaac T. Hopper: A True Life, by L. Maria Child. Boston: 1853. 1st edition. Letter was found in the book, and the book is referenced in the letter.
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W08134. [Transportation - Aviation]
Dirigible ROMA Crash, Feb. 21, 1922. 6 original photos (each measures 5 x 7 inches),
and newspaper articles - paper & ephemera. Written in mansucript on back of first photo:
"Roma U.S. Army Dirigible, crashed at Army Base at Hampton Roads, Va., Tuesday, February 21, 1922, killing 34 men."

Besides the Hindenburg, this crash was one of the dealiest in early aviation history. Photos tell the entire story, and show the devistation and disaster in detail. An army military paper in the current archive gives the name of Raymond Foulds, who I believe witnessed this event first-hand, and who owned this archive.
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W08135. [Transportation - Aviation]
Graham-White, Claude.
2 Original Photographs of this famous Aviator at the Brockton Fair, Massachusetts, ca 1910. Unique.
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W08136. [Transportation - Motorcycle]
Pierce Arrow Company, Buffalo, NY.
Unique, Super Nice Original Photograph of early Pierce Arrow Motorcycle, 1914, Rochester, New York. With dog.
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W08137. [Transportation - Ships]
Heyl, Erik.
Early American Steamers.
Published from 1953-1969. 1st edition. 6 v. set, complete. Inscribed and Signed by the author. Illustrated. Rare.
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W08138. [Transportation - Ships]
Eighteenth Annual List of Merchant Vessels of the United States, 1886. For the year ended June 30, 1886.
Washington DC: Government Printing Office, 1886. Hardcover, xliv, 438p.Many illustrations of different rigs / ships and international signal flags (some in color). Includes a manuscript letter as well.
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W08139. [Transportation - Yachting]
Newell, George H.
Chips From Our Log, Or, Glimpses of Life Aboard the Yacht "Ripple."
Rochester, NY : R.H. Dennis, 1887 (private printing). xii, 52 p. Quarto. Newell was owner of this yacht, and it gives very detailed accounts of his sailing adventures from Charlotte on Ontario Lake, Thousand Islands, St. Lawrence River, and much more. Many names, etc. 1870s. Rare.
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W08140. [Travel]
Anson, George.
A Voyage Round the World in the Years 1740-44.
Edinburgh : Printed by Alex. Chapman and Co., 1796.
2 volumes in 1. Full leather.
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